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Wanna make this weekend even more amazeballs?

Altadis Cuban Pig Roast

Thursday, May 4, 2017 12pm-5pm

Piles of empanadas, platefuls of pig roast, and fistfuls of premium Cuban-esque handmades await you at the Altadis Cuban Pig Roast. From the brains behind Romeo y Julieta, H. Upmann, Montecristo, and many more of your favorite handmades comes an event unlike any other. Get your pregame started right with this package event. With your upgrade, you’ll score access to the food line, a wicked fedora, and a couple cigars as well. PLUS there will be Bacardi samples, raffle prizes, and, of course, deals that are way too legit to quit. In short – the Altadis Cuban Pig Roast is THE way to launch your CIGARfest experience.

Don’t have an upgrade? No problem! You’ll have to forego the meal, but you can still come by to check out the deals, raffles, and to sample some Bacardi.

Limited quantity of upgrade tickets available. $45 when purchased in advance, $70 at the door. Call 1-888-244-2790 to order.

Rocky Patel Dinner

Thursday, May 4, 2017 6:30pm-8:30pm

Want a chance to rub elbows with Rocky Patel, creator of the #2 Cigar of the Year Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro? How about a private ticket only dinner with the man, the myth, the friggin’ cigar legend himself AND Nimish Desai and Nish Patel! That’s right, the full Indian Mafia will be in the building. Easily the place to be on Thursday night, join us and Rocky Patel in the Keystone Ballroom of Split Rock Resort for a can’t-skip cigar dinner. With your ticket, you’ll grab yourself a plate of five star quality beef short rib over smoked cheddar and bacon grits, with all the sides and fixings you could imagine. And of course, there’s spirit samples a-plenty, raffle prizes for the winning, and a deal so good Rocky won’t let us even hint towards it. All I can say is this — you won’t find a better bargain on Rocky cigars. Ever.

Limited quantity of tickets available. $75 when purchased in advance, $100 at the door. Call 1-888-244-2790 to order.

Alec Bradley “Build Your Own” Experience

Friday, May 5, 2017 6:30pm-8:30pm

Creator of dozens of delicious blends, and wielder of the commemorative Cigar of the Year championship belt from Prensado, at this event Ralph Montero, of Alec Bradley fame, and Han Shan from Hudson Valley Distillery are putting you in charge. That’s right, the Alec Bradley’s “Build Your Own” Experience is the best cigar event that puts you right in the driver’s seat. Start with a couple of onion brioche, sesame, pretzel, ciabatta, or hero rolls and build the Black Angus burger, hot hog, and/or tacos (after all it is Cinco De Mayo) of your dreams with all the gourmet toppings you could imagine (cilantro chutney, sautéed sweet peppers, candied bacon and much more). Build your own American Whiskey from the ground up with a little help from the expert distillers of Hudson Distillery. Hell, they’re even letting you build your own box of Alec Bradley cigars — guaranteeing at least your ticket price back in premium cigar goodness. With a taco, burger, and sundae bar like no other, delicious whiskey flowing, and AB deals you won’t find anywhere else, you can’t afford to miss the Alec Bradley “Build Your Own” Experience.

Limited quantity of tickets available. $75 when purchased in advance, $100 at the door. Call 1-888-244-2790 to order.

Oh-Ficial CIGARfest Threads

The only way to properly attend America's Mega-Herf!

Like every year, we’re making an official CIGARfest 2017 shirt and cap. For the new-comers out there, these aren’t just sweet threads. This is actually another way for us to deliver you a truckload of free stuff.

First, the CIGARfest 2017 shirt. A high-quality, stylish shirt that’s both comfy and proven to heighten your social status. Buy this shirt, wear it to the event, and we’ll give you over $255 in additional free stuff as you walk through the front door. We ain’t talking last year’s leftovers either. We’re talking 12 handmade cigars from the prestigious Oliva family, plus high-quality cigar accessories from Lotus and Zederkoff.

And don’t forget the CIGARfest 2017 cap. Not only does this cap keep the sun out of your eyes during golf or early-morning boozing, it also requires us to give you over $78 worth of Rocky’s tastiest handmades when you wear it at the entrance.

Get more free stuff, plus make your packing one step easier. Grab the Official CIGARfest 2017 shirt and cap, and let us shower you with said free stuff worth at least $333. This one’s simple mathematics, son. Shirt + Cap = ultimate CIGARfest goodies.


  • 12 additional premium cigars from the highly-rated Oliva Family
  • Lotus 3-Eleven Laser Torch
  • Rockwell Carboy Travel Ashtray
  • Zederkoff Z-Rated Guillotine Cutter
  • CI Smiley Playing Cards
  • Stage V Clinger Cigar Clip - Black
  • A $255 combined value, FREE


  • 10 additional premium cigars from Rocky Patel, including Decade, Edge, 20th Anniversary, Super Ligero, and much more.
  • A $78 combined value, FREE


Hey, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. You’ll never get free stuff easier in your life. Just walk into the gates of cigar utopia wearing this stylish shirt and hat combo, and be prepared to buckle under the weight of the $333 of FREE goods you’ll be greeted with. Cigars from Oliva and Rocky, a cutter, lighter, and swag galore — Pass this one up and you’ll be kicking yourself all weekend long.