This fun-filled event is for CIGAR LOVERS ONLY Every year an army of 6,000 strong arises. This homegrown militia, built of both men and women alike, hails from all corners of our great country. A passionate legion, if you will, representing but a sliver of the CI Nation. A rambunctious bunch, moving with anticipated pace towards one destination: CIGARfest.

The 16th annual CIGARfest is nearly upon us, and your chance to represent CI Nation is fast approaching. Get ready, lest be left behind.

Five straight days of unrivaled cigar euphoria. More than 50 of the cigar industry’s biggest stars, brand owners, and manufacturers. Tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of giveaways and raffle prizes. Dozens of premium cigars provided upon entry. Armloads of accessories and swag items dished out at the door. 50+ more premium cigars provided inside. Beer samples. Spirit samples. Food. Tailgates. Live music. Models. Ridiculous deals. Events galore.

CIGARfest is the Big Dance. The King Kong of Cigar Events. The Greatest Show in Herf. The kick-yourself-in-the-ass-twice-if-you-don’t-go event. CIGARfest 2019 approaches.

Join the army.
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