CIGARfest threads sold out

Oh-Ficial CIGARfest Threads. The only way to properly attend America’s Mega-Herf!

If you’ve been to CIGARfest before, you know the drill and you’ve seen countless folks happily wearing these awesome shirts and caps. If not, here’s the quick ’n dirty short of it: these shirts and caps get you more stuff instantly upon walking through the front door. Hundreds of dollars’ worth, more.

Like every year, we have a limited supply of official CIGARfest 2015 threads. Don’t hesitate, my cigar-loving friend, because the grizzled CIGARfest veterans know what’s at stake and these things sell fast. Members of the CI Nation will be donning these shirts and caps loud and proud, at the event and all year long.

The high-quality shirt is uber-comfy, stylish, proven to improve your social status, and even rumored to cure male pattern baldness. Oh, we’ll also give you over $230 in free stuff just for wearing it to the event.

Then there’s the cap. Also a fine solution for male pattern baldness, but more importantly: a simple way to secure an additional armload of freebies worth over $100.

Yes. You read correctly. Wear either item, or both, to CIGARfest on Friday, May 1, 2015 or Saturday, May 2, 2015 and we will shower you with additional freebies and goodies before you hit the show floor. You will not go home disappointed, and we’re giving you over $340 in freebies to guarantee it.

I know you like free cigar stuff, and I know you’re gonna love the free cigar stuff we have waiting for you. So grab the shirt, the cap, or both and prepare to be bombarded.

Wear the official CIGARfest cap: $103 in freebies; Wear the official CIGARfest shirt: $239 in freebies; Wear both: get it all - $342 in freebies!
Sold Out
Option A:
Buy and wear the shirt
  • 12 additional premium cigars featuring Cohiba, Rocky Patel, Alec Bradley, Don Pepin Garcia, and much more!
  • Rocky Patel Table-Top Torch Lighter
  • ScrewPop Punch Cutter 2.0
  • CI Whisky Stones
  • CI Smiley Playing Cards
  • A $239 combined value, FREE
Sold Out
Option B:
Buy and wear the cap
  • 10 additional premium cigars featuring brands from Rocky Patel and Oliva Cigar Family
  • A $103 combined value, FREE
Sold Out
Option C:
Option A + Option B
  • You get it all - $341 in freebies.
    Commence happy dance.