NEW TO CIGARfest 2013

CIGARfest 2013. The 10th Anniversary of America’s Mega-Herf. An unholy yet savory cocktail, precision blended for the bona fide cigar lunatic. For nine straight years, we’ve given you The Greatest Show in Herf. Five continuous, cigar-filled days of unrivaled camaraderie amongst the cigar world’s biggest names, the industry’s brightest stars, and 6,000+ faithful members of the CI Nation.

2013 isn’t just more of the same. It’s the tenth friggin’ anniversary. Over the past year, we’ve rolled up our sleeves, upped our game, and worked like mad behind the scenes to blow your minds. Celebrity guests. Live concerts. More brands. More cigars. More freebies. Bigger names. Larger giveaways. I’ll be honest....this year’s CIGARfest bag is HUGE and I suggest some lower lumbar support. In short, we went bat$&@# crazy. Prepare to be spoiled. Prepare to be shocked. Prepare to be awed. Prepare for CIGARfest 10th Anniversary....

Oh! During our planning we squeezed in a little time to construct the world’s largest free-standing cigar store. Literally. CI Hamburg Super-Store, or as the locals call it: Cigar Heaven on Earth. A massive, fully-humidified super-store on steroids featuring two fully stocked bars, extensive lounge space, over one million cigars in stock, and the best damn deals in the industry. Anticipate excitement but expect euphoria.

The CI Hamburg Super-Store is a beast, and its doors are now open and awaiting your arrival.