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Looking to score tickets for CIGARfest 2018 at our retail stores? Here’s what you need to know…

CIGARfest 2018 tickets become available for purchase on Saturday, February 3rd. Tickets will be available for purchase at the CI Super-Store in Bethlehem and the CI Super-Store in Hamburg, only.

In order to purchase tickets at the store, you must have an online account with Cigars International. The reason? To efficiently track your tickets and serve you vital information such as status updates. This is not the same as pre-registration. Creating an account with Cigars International does not require a purchase. I mean, we won’t stop you from doing so…the options are endless and resistance is often futile.

For gits and shiggles, here’s how a successful acquisition of CIGARfest tickets will go:

  1. Use this link today to see if you have an online account with Cigars International or create an online account with Cigars International (please do this before you arrive at the store).
  2. We swiftly process the order you placed…thank you, my friend! ;)
  3. You arrive at the CI Super-Store in Bethlehem or CI Super-Store in Hamburg on Saturday February 3rd.
  4. We begin the ticket registration process at 10am ET. (Lines form early, up to 24 hrs prior to ticket registration.)
  5. We begin ticket processing at 2pm ET.
  6. You secure your ticket(s), swag, and upgrades order.
  7. Joy and happiness consume thy soul.
  8. We follow-up in the near future with status updates and important information.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, February 3rd. Remember, LINES ALWAYS FORM EARLY.

Follow this link to create your online account now.

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