This fun-filled event is for CIGAR LOVERS ONLY Off in the distance, a rumbling begins. Born of excitement and anticipation, this rumbling intensifies, becoming a veritable tremor from sea to shining sea. A relentless tremor, emitting a powerful quake, each spring, as 6,000 cigar lunatics travel cross-country alongside more than 50 of the cigar industry’s biggest stars, brand owners, and manufacturers. All trained on one location: CIGARfest. The rumbling has begun. Listen closely, lest you miss out.

The 15th annual CIGARfest is near. The King Kong of cigar festivals. The must-be-there event of the year for every verified, card-carrying cigar enthusiast. This is the big dance, and the floor will soon be open for your enjoyment.

Why go, you ask? Four straight days of unparalleled, unrivaled cigar euphoria. The biggest names and finest brands in the industry. Tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of raffle prizes handed out. Dozens of premium cigars provided upon entry, with 50+ more provided inside. Armloads of accessories just for attending. Unmatched deals. Models. Beer samples. Spirit samples. Food. Tailgates. Live music. I’m running out of space…

2004 was the beginning. 2017 was incredible. 2018 will blow your minds.

2018 approaches. Secure your ticket and prepare for the Greatest Show in Herf.
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