This fun-filled event is for CIGAR LOVERS ONLY More than fifty of the industry’s greatest cigar makers and brand owners. Mountains of cigars available every single day. Droves of CI Nation as far as the eye can see, burning only the best handmades from sunrise to sunset. Unbelievable raffle prizes worth tens of thousands of dollars, yours for the winning. Four straight days of an unparalleled, uncontrollable, unbelievable party that never sleeps. Tailgating, models, freebies, booze samplings, spirit samplings, tables buckling under the weight of all the damn food on them — if this sounds impossible to you, you’ve clearly never seen CIGARfest.

Each and every year CIGARfest puts all other conventions and cigar events to shame.

Each and every year 6,000 cigar lunatics stampede through the doors into a scene straight out of herfing paradise.

Each and every year, we come up with more and more ways to blow your mind and ensure CIGARfest is by and large the best weekend you’ve ever had.

And 2017 is no different.

A must-see event for any cigar enthusiast worth their salt, CIGARfest is right around the corner, and it’s bigger than you could even imagine.

CIGARfest 2017 awaits. Secure your ticket and prepare for glory.
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