3 awesome upgrades for tons of freebies! 1.) Friday Night Upgrade! 2.) Shirt Upgrade! 3.) Cap Upgrade! > Friday Night Event Upgrade! Alec Bradley & Rocky Patel

Alec Bradley & Rocky Patel EVENT UPGRADE

Add this upgrade to your ticket purchase and receive:

  • Early entry to the event (7pm.)
  • 3 additional Rocky Patel limited edition cigars.
  • 3 additional Alec Bradley limited edition cigars.
  • 1 special edition pint glass for an extra sampling of Yuengling.
  • 1 special edition rocks glass for an extra sampling of Glenfiddich Single Malt.
  • 1 special edition, custom-made desk valet that holds 8 cigars.
  • Early access to insane deals on Alec Bradley and Rocky Patel cigars.
Limited Quantity of Upgrades.
Upgrade package required for early entry. $39.99 when purchased with your CIGARfest tickets. $49.99 at the door.
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Oh-Ficial CIGARfest Threads. The only way to properly attend America's Mega-Herf!

Like every year, we’re making an official CIGARfest 2016 shirt and cap. It’s not a way to get you to buy something. It’s a way to give you something. CIGARfest is all about giving, and if you haven’t been there before, allow me to drop some knowledge on you.

First, the CIGARfest 2016 shirt. A high-quality, stylish shirt that’s both comfy and proven to heighten your social status. Buy this shirt, wear it to the event, and we’ll give you over $225 in additional free stuff as you walk through the front door. And this ain’t dusty stuff we found in the humidor. This is 12 of Oliva’s finest cigars and a generous assortment of accessories and gifts from Xikar, Lotus, Vertigo, and much more.

Then there’s the CIGARfest 2016 cap. This thing makes you taller, literally. It’s science. But it also requires us to give you about $68 worth of Rocky’s tastiest handmades when you wear it at the entrance.

You like free stuff. We apparently like giving you free stuff. My suggestion? Buy both the shirt and the cap, and let us shower you with said free stuff worth at least $293. Why? Cuz I can’t help myself, and I keep adding more.

Option #2 - Wear the official CIGARfest shirt
Option #2
Buy and wear the shirt
  • 12 additional premium cigars from the highly-rated Oliva Family.
  • Lotus Mercury Double Torch Lighter
  • ScrewPop Punch Cutter 3.0
  • Xikar Xi Bottle Opener
  • Vertigo 80-Ring Guillotine Cutter
  • The Black Sheep Co. Ice Mold
  • A $225 combined value, FREE
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Option #3 - Wear the official CIGARfest cap
Option #3
Buy and wear the cap
  • 10 additional premium cigars from Rocky Patel, including Decade, Edge, 20th Anniversary, Super Ligero, and much more.
  • A $68 combined value, FREE
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Option #4 - Wear Both: Get it all! $293 in freebies
Option #4
Buy and wear both (#2 + #3 = happy) for $79.98 and get:

Go big or go home, lad. Don’t over think this amazing opportunity. You get it all. Nearly $300 in additional free stuff, just for wearing an awesome shirt and cap while walking through the front gate of cigar utopia. Do it, or prepare to kick thyself whilst watching us smother thousands of your fellow cigar lunatics with armloads of freebies.

Sold Out