This fun-filled event is for CIGAR LOVERS ONLY Why CIGARfest?
You, standing among well over 50 of the world’s biggest cigar-makers and brand owners.
You, burning tasty, premium handmades alongside thousands of your fellow cigar lunatics.
You, with live music, man-sized portions of food, beer samples, spirit samples, models, heaven.
You, within arm’s reach of incredible raffle prizes worth tens of thousands of dollars.
You, going all-in for 5 straight days of cigar-smothered, libation-infused insanity.
You, taking home roughly a hundred premium cigars, plus all your freebies, all for the ticket price.
You, confirming within your core that CIGARfest puts all other cigar events and ‘festivals’ to shame within mere minutes of joining the pandemonium.
You, texting your wife about next year’s event, whilst thinking of ways to never go home again.

Why not CIGARfest?
Seriously. It’s the cigar world’s Tour de Force. If this thought even enters your dome, you’re not ready for The Greatest Show in Herf.

What’s the rub?
No bullshit. No gimmicks. CIGARfest is the event to end all other cigar events. Every year, tickets sell out in two minutes or less. When I say act quickly, I’m not trying to sell you a ticket; I’m trying to ensure you’re a part of the madness.

CIGARfest 2016 awaits. Secure your ticket and prepare for glory.