Alec Bradley and Rocky Patel - A Deconstruction Affair

Friday, May 1, 2015 9:30PM-11:30PM
CIGARfest Dining Tent, Split Rock Resort, PA
Two of the biggest names in boutique cigars - Alec Bradley and Rocky Patel — are squaring off on Friday, May 1, underneath the CIGARfest Dining Tent. Why, you ask? Good question!
  1. Class is in session. Both Alan Rubin of Alec Bradley and Rocky Patel himself will be on stage, front and center, deconstructing their finest cigars. Layer by layer, you will be walked through the process of making their top-selling blends, as you burn through them yourself and wash the scrumptious smoke down with a cold beer or tasty spirit.
  2. It’s a dance off. It’s a dance off. I kid, it’s a The folks from Rocky Patel and Alec Bradley will be going head to head in an ‘off the record but on the pride’ sales competition. A friendly competition, with a good chance of getting overly competitive, which screams HUGE savings in your favor.