This fun-filled event is for CIGAR LOVERS ONLY Picture yourself standing proud with over 50 of the world’s biggest and best-known cigar-makers and brand owners. You’re burning tasty, premium handmades alongside thousands of fellow cigar lunatics. Lunatics that traveled from all 50 states and beyond, and you’re all bombarded with armloads full of freebies just for showing up. Unthinkable amounts of freebies that put all other cigar events to shame. Do I even need to mention the live music, man-sized portions of food, free-flowing beer and spirit samples, countless models, and unrivaled raffle prizes worth tens of thousands?

CIGARfest — the cigar world’s Tour de Force. Cigar-burning bliss is guaranteed. Missing out is not an option.

Here’s the reality. CIGARfest is the Greatest Show in Herf, and 2015 brings more than ever to prove it to you, once again. Five straight days of cigar-smothered insanity known to bring even the most steadfast of men to their knees weeping tears of joy.

Here’s the rub. Last year, tickets sold out in 121 seconds. So our recommendation to act quickly is much more than friendly advice. CIGARfest awaits you, my friend. Secure your ticket, because we’re ready to blow your flippin’ mind.