The proper attire for the Mega-Herf.

If you’ve attended CIGARfest in the past, you know the drill: the proper threads get you even more stuff! This year is no different, with high-quality merchandise that gets you tons of added perks and free stuff. New to the game? Read on, and educate yourself real quick-like....

We have a limited supply of Official CIGARfest 2014 gear. So don’t hesitate, because this year’s finery is better than ever before. Members of the CI Nation wear this shirt with pride, and best of all, they wear it all year long. This high-quality CIGARfest Dickies Shirt is uber-comfy, ultra-stylish, and as a bonus, improves your social status and makes you more appealing to the opposite sex.

And the Official CIGARfest 2014 Cap tops things off perfectly. It’s a comfortable flex-fit cap, and it’s a great way to show off your CI Nation spirit. Wear it loud....wear it proud!

Here’s the real perk, though. Wear either item (or both) to CIGARfest on May 2nd or 3rd and you’ll be showered with extra goodies as you walk in the door. There are so many freebies, and they’re so good, I don’t even have time to list them here. Just know that there’s no possible way of going home disappointed.

Sold Out Wear the official CIGARfest Shirt
Option A:
Buy and wear the shirt
  • 14 additional premium cigars featuring brands from Drew Estate, Joya de Nicaragua, and Alec Bradley
  • Calcutta Metal Works Cigar Scissors
  • Black-Ops Travel Humidor
  • Xikar Torch Lighter
  • Colibri Butane
  • A $205.86 combined value, FREE
Sold Out Wear the official CIGARfest Cap
Option B:
Buy and wear the cap
  • 10 additional premium cigars featuring brands from Rocky Patel and Oliva Cigar Family
  • A $74.93 combined value, FREE
Sold Out Wear the official CIGARfest Apparel: Get it all!
Option C:
Option A + Option B
  • You get it all - $280 in freebies.
    Commence happy dance.

So if you like free cigar stuff (and we know you do), then grab the official CIGARfest threads. It’s a no-brainer! Whether you opt for the shirt, the hat, or go all-in with both, you’re gonna get bombarded. Just ask the warriors from years past....and check how their lower lumbar is feeling these days.

You’re guaranteed to get some pretty freakin’ sweet stuff. The surprise is half the fun.