This fun-filled event is for CIGAR LOVERS ONLY You, up close and personal with more than 50 of the world’s biggest and best-known cigar makers and brand owners, rubbing elbows and burning tasty, premium handmades with the makers alongside 6,000 fellow lunatics, representing all 50 states and beyond. Four straight days of cigar-infused insanity. Hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in giveaways and freebies. It’s the cigar world’s Tour de Force....and you’re invited.

Last year, tickets sold out in 121 seconds. So when we say act quickly….we’re serious. Secure yourself a seat on this ride and prepare for the biggest show in herf. We’re pulling out the stops like never before. Cigar-burnin’ bliss is guaranteed. Missing out is simply not an option.

Celebrities of the cigar industry, all the big-time brands, tons of freebies, and the camaraderie of your fellow cigar kinsmen. It all awaits you, my friend, and it’s gonna knock your damn socks off.
Official CigarFest 2014 Sponsor: Drew Estate