Hello CIGARfest attendees. The 10th Anniversary is just around the corner and we've gone bat$&@# crazy to blow your minds in 2013. For those in the know, we have an incredible, no-brainer offer featuring Official CIGARfest Threads. Wear these threads to the main event and be showered with an absurd collection of additional freebies. For the rookies, read the gory details below....

Like years past, we have a limited number of Official CIGARfest 2013 Threads. Naturally, the ultra-comfy, uber-stylish CIGARfest 2013 Shirt is available. If you’ve worn or seen this shirt in the past, you know it’s a must-have for any self-respecting member of the CI Nation. A lightweight, high quality shirt that's comfortable, breathable, and instantly increases your height, reputation, confidence level, and status among peers.

Then there's the Official CIGARfest 2013 Cap – a fantastic cure to male pattern baldness and excellent way to show off your CI Pride! Wear it loud, wear it proud, and reap the many benefits.

Equally important, those who wear either of these items to CIGARfest on April 26th or April 27th will be weighted down with massive extra freebies at the door. Matter of fact, the free stuff is downright monumental. Check it out....then check out, you will not regret it.

Option A:
Buy and wear the shirt
  • 12 additional premium cigars from featured vendors*
  • Plus, a bag of accessories including items like Black-Ops Travel Humidors, Colibri Cutters, Carbon Fiber Torch Lighters, and more!
Option B:
Buy and wear the cap
  • 8 additional premium cigars from featured vendors*
Option C:
Option A + Option B
  • You get it all - $244 in freebies.
  • Commence happy dance.
* Featured vendors include brands like Alec Bradley, AVO, Camacho, Cusano, Diesel, E.P. Carrillo, Gran Habano, Joya de Nicaragua, La Perla Habana, Man O’ War, Nestor Miranda, NUB, Oliva, Room 101, Rocky Patel, Torano

Again, all you have to do is buy the shirt, cap, or both if you want to grab all the free stuff, and you'll be bombarded with free cigars, free cigar accessories, and much more!

Each free bag of accessories may vary slightly, but they're all damn good. We know you'll enjoy the surprises!