Bigger, Stronger, Better. CIGARfest® 2011 has come to a close, and many might say this phrase is an understatement. The eighth annual King Kong of Herfs has been forever etched into the record books. A momentous, cigar-filled weekend attended by more than 3,000 cigar lunatics from all 50 states, in addition to Canada and England.

2011 marks the biggest CIGARfest yet. 42 cigar booths featuring samples directly from the hands of the world’s top cigar-makers and manufacturers, wine sample booths, beer sample booths, liquor sample booths, free straight razor shaves, free massages....we could go on for days. Legends of folks coming home with over 60 cigars, a humidor, an ashtray, and more cigar swag than any single man can carry has been verified a few hundred times over. Live music, countless models, delicious food, amazing raffle prizes out the wazoo, and so on....indeed, this phrase is but an understatement.

However, the beauty behind CIGARfest is the gathering of 3,000+ loyal and passionate members of CI Nation in one locale, all celebrating our love and God-given right to enjoy a handmade cigar. A chance to come together. To bond. To throw away our daily stresses for just one weekend. To escape the overwhelming, un-American legislative BS keeping us from enjoying one of life’s purest and simplest pleasures. To enjoy the camaraderie and friendship of others like us, over a premium, handmade cigar.

For us, CIGARfest is a lot of work. Immeasurable man-hours spent planning, coordinating, and preparing to welcome just a tiny portion of those we appreciate most: CI Nation. A chance for us to say thank you. We appreciate you. You make this possible. Because it’s true. We live and breathe cigars, and you make it all possible and worthwhile.

Thank you CI Nation. We had an absolute blast, and we hope you did as well. See you next year.