Hello CIGARfest attendees. The 2011 big dance is just around the corner and we’re more pumped than ever. Here's an incredibly, no-brainer offer for ticketholders....one you're gonna need to jump on most expeditiously.

Like years past, we have a limited number of official CIGARfest 2011 threads. Naturally, the ultra-comfy, uber-stylish Microfiber Shirt is available once again. If you’ve worn this shirt in the past, you know it’s a must-have for any self-respecting member of the CI Nation. But, new to this year is a CIGARfest 2011 Visor – a great new way to show off your CI Pride! Both items are first come, first serve, and they’re only available to ticketholders. But most of all, they’re total no-brainers. The shirt itself is outstanding....a super-comfortable, ultra-lightweight and high quality shirt equipped with a silky microfiber texture keeping it breathable and loose-fitting. Our best shirt to date – the ultimate herfin’ shirt! And the visor is an easy way to show off your love for handmade cigars

Equally important, those who wear either of these items to CIGARfest on April 30, we're going to weigh you down with massive extra freebies at the door. Matter of fact, the free stuff is downright monumental. Again, all you have to do is buy the shirt, visor, or both show up wearing them at the door, and you'll be bombarded with free cigars, cigar accessories, and much more!

Each Fester's Free bag of accessories will be slighly different. Enjoy the surprises!

Option A: Buy and wear the shirt
Receive $175 in freebies at the door!

- 10 additional cigars featuring brands like Avo, Gurkha, Perdomo, Nestor Miranda, and more!
- Plus, a bag full of accessories
Option B: Buy and wear the visor
Receive $17 in freebies at the door!

- Sampler of Cusano’s finest cigars
Option C: Buy and wear BOTH
Receive $192 in freebies at the door!

- Everything you see listed on the left, that's yours!

It’s that simple. If you pass this up, you’re nuts!

As always: No cheating! I don't want to see you walking through the door with this beautiful shirt slung over your shoulder or the visor in your hand. Wear them.....wear them proud and wear them loud.... you owe it to yourself!

*Shirts and visors ship with tickets on April 1, 2011

Click here to purchase a CIGARfest 2011 shirt or visor.