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CigarFest 2008 Video Gallery
Last updated 06/09/2008
Don Pepin Garcia
Marvin Samel of Drew Estate
Eddie Ortega of 601 Cigars
Ernesto Padilla
Rocky Patel
Tim Ozgener of CAO Cigars
Christian Eiroa of Camacho Cigars
Nick Perdomo
Big Three Interview
Nestor Plasencia & Jonathan Drew
Inteview with CFesters
Inteview with CFest Tailgaters
Brunch with Nestor Plasencia Jr. and Christian Eiroa (1 of 3)
Brunch with Ernesto Carillo and Charlie Torano (2 of 3)
Brunch with Tim Ozgener and Nick Perdomo (3 of 3)
Brunch Q & A (1 of 3)
Brunch Q & A (2 of 3)
Brunch Q & A (3 of 3)
Jose Oliva & Sam Leccia
Inside with CFesters
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